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Acting as construction managers, Stonemark became a member of our project team before our architectural firm completed the construction documentation on perhaps one of the most challenging historic rehabilitation projects in the City of Santa Barbara. The principals of Stonemark infused the process with a structured methodology and organizational and communication protocols that allowed the Owner’s construction dollars to be applied to their best use. The end result was a high quality real estate asset that was delivered on time and on budget.

- Jan Hochhauser, AIA
  Hochhauser Blatter Architecture & Planning


At Stonemark, everything we do is geared toward getting superior results. This starts with a better process. Construction can be complex, with many moving parts and many stakeholders. As construction managers, our job is to keep projects running smoothly and all parties communicating and working together efficiently. We oversee every element of the process—planning, scheduling, coordinating and controlling all functional areas from pre-construction through completion. We centralize communication, manage variables, control documents and mitigate risk. We have fine-tuned our process through years of experience to keep every project on time, on budget and on track to meet critical objectives.

Cost control is key at every phase of the project. Stonemark uses Expedition™, a comprehensive project management system that tracks all documents and costs from the initial budget through project delivery. Our change management software automatically correlates and codes costs and generates a project cost report allowing real-time tracking of cost variances and impacts.  

Cost Estimate
Estimating is a critical tool for efficient design and decision-making. Stonemark views cost estimating as both an integral part of budget management and an opportunity to initiate cost-saving ideas. Identifying and itemizing each discrete cost allows us to target areas of discretionary spending, giving the client and architect tighter control over construction costs and creating a roadmap to manage the budget.

Change is part of construction and must be managed quickly and cost-effectively. Stonemark provides critical-path-method schedules that identify conflicts and constraints that can negatively impact project costs. Being proactive allows us to resolve potential problems in advance and expedite scheduling, while avoiding costly delays. 

Constructability Review
Construction managers provide another set of eyes and another level of expertise. Stonemark has a team of licensed architects and engineers that review all design documents including the soils report, drawings, specifications and engineering for constructability and maintainability, as well as for clarity, coordination and cost efficiency. We respectfully communicate our technical analysis with project designers, creating a collaborative exchange that leads to optimum value and a more successful project. 

Bid Management
All projects benefit from competitive bidding. Stonemark streamlines the bidding phase, establishing precise contract controls, scope of work definitions and performance requirements. We identify prime contractors and provide them with defined bid packages that allow us to prepare a bid analysis for an apples-to-apples comparison. Once bidding is closed we verify that all bids are compliant with the scope of work and that all contractual legal, insurance and technical requirements are met.

Building Confidence

Stonemark Construction Management is a highly respected full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. We are dedicated construction professionals with 35+ years of experience, expertly qualified to offer comprehensive design and construction management services for custom homes & residential estates, commercial buildings, sacred spaces and homeowner associations. As the Owner's Representative we reduce costs, construction time and stress by providing top-level management for your project. Our system of high-level supervision, risk management, cost control and communication expertise affords the client, architect and project team greater control, resulting in superior quality and reduced costs and liability.

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