Experience. It’s one of the most valuable assets a construction management firm can provide. By providing leadership and management expertise at the highest level, we bring our vast experience in all design and construction disciplines to bear on each project. You can entrust your project to Stonemark knowing that we will safeguard your vision and deliver unparalleled service at every phase of the construction process.

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Stonemark Construction Management is a highly respected full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. We are dedicated construction professionals with 35+ years of experience, expertly qualified to offer comprehensive design and construction management services for custom homes & residential estates, commercial buildings, sacred spaces and homeowner associations. As the Owner's Representative we reduce costs, construction time and stress by providing top-level management for your project. Our system of high-level supervision, risk management, cost control and communication expertise affords the client, architect and project team greater control, resulting in superior quality and reduced costs and liability.

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