Bart Mendel, LEED AP


Bart Mendel is President of Stonemark Construction Management, a full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. Prior to founding Stonemark in 1997, he was Senior Project Manager for Beacon-Skanska Construction in Boston; President of Ecos Construction in Halifax and President of Pyramid Builders Inc, in Austin, Texas.

Bart has been a dedicated construction professional for 35+ years, with major residential and commercial projects throughout the US and Canada. His diverse portfolio includes custom homes & residential estates from Montecito to Beverly Hills and beyond with notable architects; historic restorations of Santa Barbara's Reagan Ranch Museum; 50+sacred spaces & nonprofit facilities and 7200+ multifamily residences.

Known as the ‘Zen Master of the bottom line’, Bart manages complex, multi-layered construction projects with precision, knowledge, harmony and patience. Patience is a quality he knows something about. A long-time Buddhist practitioner, he brings a centered approach to every project, even in the midst of challenging chaos.

Bart is an accomplished speaker & writer and has lectured on subjects such as ‘Building Makeovers’, ‘Construction Management for Estate Projects’, ‘Limiting Liability During Construction’ and Preventing Construction Defects for the American Institute of Architects; and 'Sacred Architecture' for the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, where he has served as a Board Member.

He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a licensed General Contractor and ICC Building Inspector. Bart is considered a leading expert in risk management, water infiltration and building science.

Bart is also a founder and Chief Meditation Officer of Mindworks Inc (501c3), whose mission is to foster greater well-being by making meditation relevant and accessible for today’s challenges via a mobile App. The Mindworks App is download at and the app stores.

Bart grew up in Dallas and attended the University of Texas. He and his wife Suzan Garner have two sons and reside in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

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Stonemark Construction Management is a highly respected full-service firm with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. We are dedicated construction professionals with 35+ years of experience, expertly qualified to offer comprehensive design and construction management services for custom homes & residential estates, commercial buildings, sacred spaces and homeowner associations. As the Owner's Representative we reduce costs, construction time and stress by providing top-level management for your project. Our system of high-level supervision, risk management, cost control and communication expertise affords the client, architect and project team greater control, resulting in superior quality and reduced costs and liability.

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