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This UCSB faculty homeowners association has endured years of water infiltration at roofs, exterior walls, doors and windows due to original design & construction defects. The Board needed alternatives to wholesale replacement of the building envelope which would have been prohibitively disruptive and expensive. Stonemark’s investigation and analysis focused on defining the most economical repair scope to solve the water intrusion issues and provide the most value to the Association at an achievable budget. The repair scope of work includes a complete new roofing system, deck replacement, stucco repair/waterproofing, courtyard repairs and installation of replacement fiberglass doors and windows. ┬áThe project is scheduled for completion in 2013.

Our firm collaborated with Stonemark on the complete exterior renovation of this 65-unit faculty housing project that had suffered extensive water intrusion problems for over 25 years. While Stonemark championed the overall repair scheme, architecturally it was a challenging project. The buildings were of a contemporary style that permitted little tolerance for waterproofing detailing. Stonemark’s expertise was invaluable to the team in developing solutions to these technical requirements. As construction managers, Stonemark coordinated the board, UCSB, homeowners, contractors and entire project to its successful completion. Their oversight kept the project running smoothly and allowed us to focus on design and give the Client not only leak free buildings but great overall value.

- Kevin Dumain, DesignArc Architects

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