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Construction Management: Change Order Management

by Jacklyn Wolf on October 11, 2013

A construction contract is a legal agreement that details cost, schedule and performance of all work to be performed.  It is a document that serves to assign and allocate risk.  By maintaining control of the process of scope, cost and duration changes, the risk of miscommunication for both the Owner and Contractor will be minimized.  […]


Why retain a Construction Manager?  Large construction projects can be complex, with many “moving parts”.  A good Construction Manager is like the glue holding the process together, educating and leading Owners through the challenges of design and construction.  The benefit of an independent team of professionals managing the project is enormous.  A professional Construction Manager will: […]


Stonemark: A “How-To” for the Bidding Process

by Jacklyn Wolf on September 13, 2011

I am so often asked how to pre-qualify new vendors that I put together this list for quick reference. As construction managers, we are constantly approached by new vendors who want to be considered for projects. Here is an outline that is sure to be helpful for anyone responsible for retaining contractors and vendors. The […]