Green Construction

By rethinking our approach to facility planning, designing, constructing and operating, we can create sustainable and high performance facilities with a return on investment through reduced operating costs. It is our duty to care for the world.

St. Jerome Parish Hall: LEED Silver Certification

by Jacklyn Wolf on October 6, 2010

Stonemark was the prime consultant for the first LEED project for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  St. Jerome Parish Hall received LEED Silver Certification.  The St. Jerome Parish Hall project had essential features that fit very well into the LEED criteria, namely that an existing building was to be re-used, without extensive demolition of structural […]


Green Construction & the LEED Process

by Bart Mendel on September 13, 2010

How does green building reduce energy, operating costs, and increase worker productivity? The LEED process explores all opportunities for improvement, including a pragmatic focus on life cycle costs and payback analysis, energy conservation, daylighting, recycling, use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and techniques.  The effort in “greening” a project is more than accumulating LEED […]