Montecito Estate Project Journal

Nothing replaces the objectivity that comes from an independent construction manager who views the entire project from a clear, unbiased perspective. We have never seen a project where the costs and quality of materials could not be better controlled—and doing so without sacrifice to the original vision and functionality of the project. When Stonemark manages a project, construction time is generally reduced and costs of the total project, including our management fees are usually less than if we had never been on board. As the Owner’s Rep, we safeguard the entire construction process and the Client’s peace of mind.

Stonemark is the Project Manager for the large team of professionals dedicated to this one-of-a-kind custom estate project in the foothills of Montecito, California. The estate was master planned and designed by Appleton Architects and features a 9,000 square foot main house with commanding ocean and mountain views, a guest house, pool house and landscaped grounds. The home is designed in a contemporary-classical architectural style to highlight the Owner’s extensive photographic art collection. Nestled among numerous existing oak trees are separate buildings for an office, pool house and guest house. The general contractor is Leonard Unander Associates and interior design is performed by Patti Skouras.

We find construction to be a fascinating process and want to share our passion with you. We offer this blog as a unique opportunity for you to follow along as we build this multi-million dollar custom estate. See for yourself what is involved, how the process works, why tasks are performed in a certain order, how building components work, why it takes the length of time it does, what is within those walls. Consider this a tutorial for your next building project, or just satisfy your curiosity. Feel free to ask us questions and we’ll be happy to explain any of the processes. Enjoy!

Stonemark’s Montecito Estate: Two Years Later

by Jacklyn Wolf on October 11, 2013



The homeowners have taken up residence and the home is elegantly appointed. We’ll check back in with you with a final update in a year or so when the landscaping matures. It has been a pleasure working with renowned Appleton Architects.


All that’s left to do is the landscaping. When it is fully installed, and has had a chance to mature, we’ll return with a professional photographer for final shots that I’m sure will make it into a designer magazine highlighting renowned architect Marc Appleton and perhaps other members of the team.